AAFES Unveils Enhanced Discounts for Back-to-School Season

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) has long been a cherished aspect of military life, offering tax-free shopping privileges to our servicemen, servicewomen, and their families.

This is one of the many ways the military tries to balance out the challenges faced by its members, such as frequent relocations and deployments.

This year, the back-to-school season brings an even more enticing proposition. AAFES has unveiled its intention to double up on savings, providing an extra discount equivalent to local tax breaks during designated tax-free weekends. That’s right: twice the savings!

As of now, there’s no word from the Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or Navy Exchanges about introducing a similar offer.

The exciting part? AAFES is set to align with tax holidays in a total of 17 states, offering discounts on a broad range of back-to-school essentials. Note that these discounts are available exclusively for in-store purchases. Shoppers can look forward to cost reductions on clothing, footwear, tech gadgets like computers, and essential school supplies. So, all those stationery items — from markers to glue sticks — are about to get a lot more budget-friendly!

Commenting on this initiative, Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Kevin Osby, the senior enlisted advisor for the Exchange, stated, “As we see our military kids prepping for a fresh academic year, the Exchange is fully committed to championing their academic pursuits. Our military-exclusive discounts, especially the tax-free holiday bonus offer, aim to provide substantial value, ensuring students get what they need without overstretching family finances.”

If you’re wondering whether your state is on the list and when these discounts might be available, don’t delay. Alabama is set to kick off the first of these tax holidays from July 21 to 23.