ADP Payroll Login:

The days of waiting in line for your paycheck are long gone. Today’s companies have embraced technology. The latest technologies have made processes more efficient and this includes payroll systems.

One such company is ADP and this isn’t surprising because it’s business is developing innovative software programs. If you’re employed by ADP, you won’t have a hard time retrieving information about your salary.

Everything you need can be found in ADP Paystub Login. ADP offer online paystub information for many large companies most notably offering TJX employees paperless online statements.

ADP Portal

We understand that even in this day and age where everyone owns a smartphone, not everyone is technologically-savvy. We’re not surprised that some employees of ADP don’t know how to access their pay stubs via the company’s online portal.

If you’re one of them, this article is for you. Here’s everything you need to know about ADP Paystub Login.

How To Access TheADP Paystub Login: Portal

  • Step 1 – Go to the ADP website at
  • Step 2 – At the homepage, you’ll be greeted with a variety of options that describe your status with ADP. Choose the option that best fits or describes your current status with the company.
  • Step 3 – Provide your User ID.
  • Step 4 – Click “Next”

Now, you can access your ADP Paystub Login account.

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What Are The Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Access Your ADP Paystub Account?

Are you having a hard time accessing your ADP Paystub Login account? Don’t worry. The problem might not be difficult to solve. Here’s a list of possible reasons and solutions on how to login and access your account without issue:

It might be your password. Enter it again. You might have made a mistake in the spelling or spacing of your password. It’s also possible that the CAPS Lock Key was turned on.

Did you register before logging in? You’re required to register before accessing the ADP Paystub Login portal.

A recurring mistake is employees using the User ID and Password for the company’s network for the ADP Paystub Login portal. The User ID and Password for the ADP Paystub Login portal is different.

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And if you forgot your ADP Paystub Login portal User ID and Password, don’t worry. Just click on the link Forgot Your ID/Password for assistance.

You’ll be asked to answer a few security questions before you can change your User ID and Password. If successful, you’ll be given instructions on how to reset your User ID and Password so you can access your ADP Paystub Login account.

About ADP

ADP or Automatic Data Processing started out in 1949 as Automatic Payrolls, Inc. Founded by Henry and Joe Taub, the company provided payroll processing services to businesses.

In 1961, Automatic Payrolls, Inc changed its name to Automatic Data Processing Inc. This was the time when ADP introduced innovations in payroll preparation and timekeeping such as punch-card time in/out machines and check printers. ADP also invested in mainframe computers.

ADP Listed On Stock Exchange

In the same year, after signing up 300 clients, employing 125 personnel, and generating revenues totaling US$400,000, ADP got listed on the American Stock Exchange.

4 years later, ADP began exploring opportunities abroad by opening a subsidiary in the UK. Frank Lautenberg, who joined ADP in 1957 as the Sales and Marketing Director was appointed president of the UK subsidiary.

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ADP started acquiring other technology companies in the 70s. ADP began with Time Sharing Limited in 1974 then Cybernetics the following year.

Laudenberg remained the Chairman of the company until he decided to transition careers from private business to politics when he was elected as the Senator for New Jersey in 1962.

Fast-forward to 2020, and ADP was included in the prestigious Fortune 500 list as the 227th largest company in the United States in terms of revenue. Another milestone for ADP is being on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list for 11 straight years.

Since its inception in 1949, ADP has grown to earn US$14.2 Billion in revenues and employ more than 55,000 people.

ADP US Headquarters

1 Adp Blvd
Roseland, NJ 07068
United States of America

We hope this article helped you understand how to access your ADP Paystub Login account. Remember that if you have trouble trying to access your account, go through the 3 common problems we discussed earlier.

But if you continue to have issues, contact ADP customer support at 1-844-227-5237. You can also visit their website at