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Tyson Foods Inc. is the world’s second-biggest food processing company. The Tyson brand of frozen chicken, beef, and pork products has become a fixture in many American and international supermarkets. It takes an estimated 120,000 people to run this company’s operations. When your manpower is as big as Tyson’s, you’ll need to invest in technology that can organize all information related to your employees – payroll, benefits, taxes, paystubs, and work schedules.

Tyson Foods Inc. has partnered along with many other businesses such as whataburger with CIC Plus Paperless Employee to provide its employees with convenient access to their payroll and tax data.

Tyson Workday

The company have also also provided an app called tyson foods workday. They created this guide for the employees of Tyson Foods, Inc. both experienced and newly hired. The purpose is to help you gain a better understanding of how the portal works as well as how to handle situations where you’re having a hard time accessing your account. We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll have more confidence in using the portal and addressing login issues you might encounter in the future.

Tyson Foods Inc Portal

In order to introduce efficiency in operations, streamline costs, and improve workplace productivity, Tyson contracted CIC Plus Paperless Employee to design and develop an online portal to house all of the information that employees need to perform well in their jobs. CIC Plus Paperless Employee has developed online employee portals for other major companies that have helped them achieve corporate goals.

Payroll & Other Information For Employees

Much like workers using the walmart paystub portal, employees of Tyson will be able to access and retrieve information that’s related to their payroll and work duties. Simply by opening an account and logging accurate credentials, an employee can find and download information about their salaries, taxes, insurance, and other benefits. The employee can also find his work schedule, communicate with his supervisor and coworkers through the portal. Because the portal can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, employees can remain focused on performing their duties and responsibilities while at work.

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Supporting HR Management At Tyson

The portal will also improve the productivity levels at the company’s Accounting and Human Resources departments. Employees no longer have to besiege these offices with calls a few days before payday to inquire about their salaries and benefits. Both Accounting and HR personnel can allocate more time in a day to the other tasks at hand. Lastly, the portal can streamline business costs because all information can be found online. There’s no need for paperwork.

How To Access The Tyson Paperless Employee Login Portal

You don’t have to be in the Tyson office to access the portal. You can be at home, the coffee shop, a restaurant, and anywhere else in the United States that has an internet connection. However, when trying to log in from a remote location, make sure the connection is safe and secure. The portal is mobile responsive and other than a PC desktop, you can log in using a laptop, a tablet, or your smartphone. Use a browser that can easily find the site’s URL – Last but not least, make sure you have the right login credentials with you. Once you have everything set up, follow these steps to access the Tyson paperless employee login portal.

Existing Employees

  • Step 1 – Go to
  • Step 2 – Enter your login credentials: User ID and password.
  • Step 3 – Click on the feature you want to access such as payroll, W-2, or EForms.

New Employees

New employees of Tyson Foods, Inc. will be required to open an account in order to use the portal. If you’re a new employee, you will be given your employee ID by the company’s Human Resources department. Keep the employee ID stored in your smartphone to make sure you enter the correct information. Opening an account in the employee portal is easy. Just follow the steps outlined below.

  • Step 1 – Visit
  • Step 2 – Click “Create Account”
  • Step 3 – Provide the following information: Employee ID, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth.
  • Step 4 – Click “Authenticate & Create Account”.
  • Step 5 – Provide the following information: Account Name, User ID, and Password.
  • Step 6 – Click “Create Account”.
  • Step 7 – Choose from 3 security questions and provide the answers.
  • Step 8 – Click “Save Security Questions”.
  • Step 9 – Provide your email address and contact number. Wait for the validation code.
  • Step 10 – Enter the validation code.
  • Step 11 – Fix your delivery settings then click “Save”.

Do you want to check your paystub and possibly download a copy? Some employees want a hard copy of their paystub for their file. If you’re one of them, you can do that in the portal. Follow the instructions below and get your paystub right away.


Accessing And Printing Paystub

  • Step 1 – Go to
  • Step 2 – Click “Show All Payment Statements for the Selected Year”.
  • Step 3 – Click the year that you’re interested in.
  • Step 4 – View the list of information on the paystub that will appear on your screen: Gross Pay, Check Stub Number, Date of Issue, Total Deductions, and Net Pay,
  • Step 5 – If you want a copy of the paystub, click “Download/Print Full Statements”.

Employees are also understandably concerned about their taxes. They want to know if accurate taxes are deducted from their salaries. Knowing their net income will help employees firm up their budgets. If you want to access your W2, follow the steps below:

Taxes & W2 Form

  • Step 1 – Go to tyson page
  • Step 2 – Click “Year-end Tax form Statements”
  • Step 3 – You can choose a copy to be delivered to you via email or download a PDF copy of your W-2. Please keep in mind that you only have 10 minutes to download the PDF.

If you’re having trouble accessing your W-2, contact the customer service group handling the tax concerns of Tyson at 1-877-824-0707.

What Are The Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Access Your Tyson Foods Employee Login Portal Pay Stub Account?

There are a number of possible reasons why you’re having a hard time accessing your employee account in the Tyson Foods employee portal. If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you need to do is to check your Internet connection. If the service is down or unstable, you won’t be able to access the portal. Second, try another browser. Perhaps the browser you’re using isn’t compatible. Third, review your login credentials. Are you sure you put in accurate information? It’s also possible that you accidentally pressed the spacebar or the CAPS-lock key. Fourth, if you’re using a VPN, turn it off. Lastly, the site could be undergoing repair and maintenance work. If this is the case, wait for a few hours and then try again.

What Are The Benefits Of The Paperless Employee System?

Tyson Paperless Employee is a self-service portal that can be accessed by Tyson Foods team members anytime and anywhere.
Simple process to create an account.

Employees can easily view, download, and print their E-Forms, Paystubs, employee benefits, and W-2 tax information
The system allows employees to edit or request another copy of their tax documents.

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How To Verify Your Employment

All newly hired and rehired team members can verify their employment through the Work Number, a provider of employment and income verifications. You can log in to The Work Number site at by using your employer’s name – Tyson Foods or code – 11480, User ID and Password. If you have other queries about employment verification, you may call 1-800-367-2884

About Tyson Foods Inc

Tyson Foods was founded in 1935 by John W. Tyson. Its principal office is located in Springdale, Arkansas. The company manages a number of highly successful brands such as Ball Park, State Fair, Aidellis, Jimmy Dean, Wright Brand, and Hillshire Farm. Tyson Foods Inc. generated US$43 Billion in 2020 and is ranked #79 in the list of Fortune Top 500 companies.


You can also use the portal to verify your employment status by logging into the Work Number site. Click this link you can also use the code 11480. Provide your User ID and password. Another option that you can consider is to get an employment verification by 1-800-367-2884.

We hope that our guide has been helpful to you. The portal makes it easier for you to find information about your payroll, benefits, and work schedule without having to pick up the phone or email Accounting and HR. You can get the information you need whenever you want and from anywhere.