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DM Payroll Services is engaged in the business of providing payroll preparation and Human Resource solutions. The company is based in Troy, Michigan, and was established in 1962.

With more than 50 years of experience under its belt, DM Payroll has become a trusted name among businesses that want to improve back-office operations.

Accounting and Human Resources are 2 key back-office responsibilities that need to be held down in order to keep personnel satisfied and productive in the working environment.

For many companies, payroll preparation can become a tedious and time-consuming operation especially if the business employs hundreds of people. If the system in place is not efficient, problems could arise in payroll and benefits administration.

When this happens, dissension among the ranks can happen that could result in employee disengagement. Human Resources could have its hands full reconciling claims against the records of accounting and this type of situation might lead to diminished productivity for the company.

Human Resource Tech Tool

This is where DM Payroll comes in. Companies call on DM Payroll to introduce technology-based solutions to improve the performance of Human Resources and Accounting.

DM Payroll doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. When the company meets with a client, DM Payroll gets all of the necessary information, identifies the pain points, and then works to develop a customised payroll solution that meets the specific needs of the client.

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One reason for the company’s success is that it has kept up to date not only with the latest innovations in technology but also with the changing demands, needs, and preferences of the new generation.

The team of programmers, market and industry researchers, and software developers have worked tirelessly to design and develop DM Payroll’s innovative HRIS software solutions.

These modules are unique in that their features are adaptable to meet the various needs of the company’s clients. Unlike other technology companies, DM Payroll can introduce the necessary changes to their programs without the need for third-party service providers.

IT Hardware Investment Into HR

DM Payroll is committed to providing clients with the latest and best technology. Over the years, DM Payroll has invested millions of dollars to consistently upgrade its computers, the hardware, and software components of its systems in order to enhance its capabilities in producing the ideal solutions for its clients.

For this reason, DM Payroll’s solutions are able to handle the payroll and HR requirements of clients that have more than 10,000 employees throughout the United States.

MyInfo Mobile app

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Proof of this is the company’s development of its MyInfo Mobile app which allows employees of the client to carry out tasks such as managing personal information and the emergency contacts list, accessing the pay stub as well as reviewing the pay stub history.

All an employee has to do is to download the app on his smartphone.

Server Capabilities

For its Operating System, DM Payroll uses a Windows 2000 Advanced Server that supports the current front-end Microsoft Network Load Balancing domain. DM Payroll knows that even the best technologies aren’t perfect.

Situations or incidents can and will arise that put sensitive data at risk of being compromised, corrupted, or stolen. Thus, the present MNLB environment ensures clients that a reliable backup system is in place to protect the integrity of data for at least 7 years.

Sign Up Process

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When a company signs up with DM Payroll, the client has the benefit of having 24/7 access to the system. A representative of the company can be in a foreign country and he will still be able to get into his account and get the information he needs.

As an online, Internet-based system, any changes or improvements are done right away. The client of DM Payroll won’t have to worry about the platform being inaccessible because repair and maintenance work is being undertaken.

This is just further proof that DM Payroll values the importance of convenience for its clients.

Another bonus for its clients is the availability of reports. Companies need reports as the basis for making decisions and policies. The availability of reports is a feature businesses cannot get from other payroll solutions providers but they can with DM Payroll.

Why? With clients having the ability to pull out reports, they will have evidence to prove that DM Payroll solutions are effective.

DM Dollar General Payrol Headquarters

305 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 202, Troy, Michigan, 48084, United States