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Burger King is not just the Home of the Whopper but is also home – or the workplace – of more than 45,000 employees.

To manage all of the employees’ demands and inquiries about their payroll, benefits, insurance, and receivables before the company decided to open the Burger King Paystub Login portal much like their competitor whataburger check stubs service.

With the online portal, Burger King employees can simply log in to their account and find all the information they need about their salaries.

An employee will know when his salary was deposited plus a summary of all the deductions made for taxes, insurance contributions, medical and health benefits, and a breakdown of payments made for overtime work and holidays.

There’s a reason why a Whopper-sized company like Burger King decided to trust its payroll and HR needs to

And that reason is because Paystub has steadily built a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy payroll management service provider over the years as evidenced by the number of clients that are using its system.

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The food retail business might be identified by its products but it really is a service-intensive industry. People come in and out of the business so HR has to keep track of its employee records.

The Burger King Paystub Login portal has simplified the process because all HR has to give the employees is their User ID.

If you’re employed by Burger King whether experienced or a first-timer – you’ll find great value in this article because we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about the Burger King Paystub Login portal.

We’ll try to answer all of your questions from how to log-in and what to do in case you have problems accessing the portal.

Accessing Your Burger King Paystub Account At ESS Burger King

Before accessing the portal, make sure your Internet connection is secure and stable. Likewise, use a browser that can connect you to the website without issue. You can access the website from a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or PC desktop.

To avoid making mistakes, have a copy of your User ID and other pertinent information that will be required by the portal on stand-by. You have to put in the accurate information or else you won’t be granted access.

  • Step 1: Go to (many people having been going to ess.burgerk.ess or but this has now moved to the aforementioned URL
  • Step 2: Enter your Employee ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that were provided by Burger King.
  • Step 3: Once everything has been accepted by t
  • Bhe system, click “Sign In”. Now, you can access your Burger King Paystub account.

BurgerK Sage Self Service (ESS)

Burger King use Sage Employee Self Service (ESS) which is a module that can be a part of Sage’s Human Resource Management System (HRMS). It allows burger king employees to access and manage their personal information online, reducing administrative tasks for HR departments.

Through Sage ESS, employees can:

  1. Access and print pay history and pay stubs.
  2. View and manage personal information.
  3. Request time off.
  4. View benefits information.
  5. View and manage tax information.
  6. See company news and updates.

How To Register In Burger King Paystub Login If You’re A New Employee

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Are you a new employee at Burger King? Congratulations for getting the job! We’ll make it easy for you to open an account at the Paystub Login portal by running through the following steps:

  • Step 1: At the Login page, click “Register Now”.
  • Step 2: Enter the correct details in the following fields – BK Employee ID, Date of Birth, and the last 3 digits of your Social Security Number or SSN.
  • Step 3: Click “Submit”

Why Can’t You Access Your Burger King Paystub Login Account?

If you can’t access your BK Paystub Login account, don’t panic. There are a few possible reasons for this. First, you might have entered the wrong information on any of the required fields.

Second, the CAPS key might have been turned on when you were entering information.

Third, you might have accidentally tapped the space bar during the process. Go over the entire process and be more cautious when providing the needed details.

If you’ve gone through all of the possibilities and you still can’t access your account, reach out and contact customer support at 1-866-394-2493. You can also fill out a contact form at the BK website to ask for help.

It’s also possible that the portal is down for maintenance work or other types of technical issues.

About Burger King

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Not many people know that Burger King started out as Insta-Burger King in 1953. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the restaurant experienced financial problems one year after its launch.

Its 2 founders, James McLamore and David Edgerton renamed the restaurant “Burger King” in an effort to recover economically.

Throughout the 50 years, Burger King went through many ownership changes one of which included a partnership arrangement between Goldman-Sachs Capital Partners, Bain Capital, and TPG Capital.

Eventually, in 2010, 3G Capital from Brazil and its US-based partner Berkshire-Hathaway purchased majority ownership of the chain for US$3.26 billion. The new owners then merged Burger King with Tim Horton’s donuts from Canada.

Today, Burger King has more than 17,700 locations around the world. The placings might change but Burger King is generally considered the number one burger chain in the world with McDonald’s and Wendy’s right behind.

Burger King Headquarters Address

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami,. FL 33126

The Burger King Paystub Login portal is a fast and easy way to get information about your salary and benefits. Many employees are concerned about the amount of money they’ll receive on payday because they have expenses to pay and want to be sure there will be enough money to cover everything they need.

The usual course of action is to contact Human Resources or Accounting. But whenever payday is near, you’ll be lucky to get through their phone lines because other employees are thinking about the same thing.

Now, with the Paystub Login account, BK employees only have to access the portal, give the correct information, and have all the needed details in the palm of their hands or fingertips, if they’re using a PC desktop or laptop.

We hope that we were able to clear the air on how to use the Paystub online portal and how to access your account. If you’re newly hired, take a few seconds to review the steps on how to register and open an account at the Burger King Paystub Login portal.

If you have co-workers who are still at a loss on how to sign up, just refer them to this article.