JBS Pay Stubs – Using PilgrimsPride Login:

If you’re employed by JBS Pilgrim, you can access information about your pay stub, W-2, and information on taxes online. To do this, you must visit the Tax Form Management or TALX Paperless Pay website. Do not go to any other website to input your password so you can retrieve your W-2, pay stubs, and taxes.

Keep in mind that the Paperless Pay Corporation or Tax Form Management will not require you to include the password in an email. Only scammers will do that.To ensure the safety and protection of your data, never give out your private information, especially your password to other people.

How To Access Your Pay Stubs, W-2, and Tax Information Via Paperless Pay or Tax Form Management

Step 1:

Visit the following: https://paperlesspay.talx.com/ or https://mytaxform.com

person calculating jbs tax

Step 2:

Log-In: JBS Pilgrim’s Company code for Paperless Pay/Tax Form Management: 11543 8 digit Employee ID. Please be reminded that the standard ID of an employee has six digits. Therefore, you have to add leading zeroes in order to be at eight digits. When you get to the log-in page, click on “Click Here” in order to log-in. Then, input your employee ID PIN.

Step 3:

For first-timers to the JBS system, you’ll have to do a few more steps. In addition, you’ll have to change the password assigned to you. This process is called the “Six Steps Risk-Based Authentication”. When you have successfully completed the Six Steps Risk-Based Authentication process, you will be able to log-in without issue.

Step 4:

To have your W-2s and pay stubs sent to you on or before 31 January, you have to give your consent to an electronic process of transmitting these confidential pieces of information. The information will be delivered to the address that you have provided while the pay stubs will be sent to your workstation.

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Step 5:

After you have given your consent to have the data transmitted, you may proceed to click on the button marked “Test Now”. When you click on this, you will have a preview of the information. If everything checks out, you can have the information printed. For the latest pay stubs, please be advised that these will be posted on the evening prior to the current pay date. As for the latest W-2 statements, these will be available on January 24 of every year. The preview of your pay stubs and W-2 will be presented in PDF format that can be printed.

If any of the information on your pay stub and/or W-2 needs to be changed or if you want to request for your W-2 to be re-issued, you can have the request done via the Tax Form Management website or through the payroll office. You may also contact the Tax Form Management office at 1-800-951-3792.