Talx Paperless Pay – Equifax Payroll Services:

TALX Paperless Pay is an online business solution that enables employees to access their equifax pay stub, payroll data, personal information, eReports, and W-4 forms instantly.

TALX, now called Equifax Workforce Solutions, is a frontrunner in Paperless Pay and Compliances created the automated payroll system to help companies save time and money by streamlining their payroll and HR processes.

TALX business solutions have enabled many companies to increase their workforce productivity at lower costs. Replacing the slow manual payroll process with TALX paperless pay enables employees to enjoy the benefits of automated self-service 24/7.

No need to queue in line, fax, or mail to request your employment verification and information. You just have to log in to the portal to view and get all the information you need.

6 Key Features of TALX Paperless Pay

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TALX paperless pay has many really useful features, see following for the key ones:

Paystub Review

Employees can access their pay stubs 24/7 and review the information (net pay, net pay distribution, earnings, taxes, and deductions) received.

Direct Deposit Maintenance

Employees can review, add, delete, or change any account at any time via web or telephone. This tool can accommodate as many as 12 direct deposit accounts per employee.

Personal Information Manager

Allows employees to update their personal information (email address, personal data, and other contact details)


Allows employees to review their pay stubs, commissions, schedules, and more via web or phone
W-4 Management. Employees can conveniently check their state, federal, and local W-4 information.

Payroll Cards

TALX can issue payroll cards to employees who do not have bank accounts so they would be included in the paperless payroll.

4 Main Benefits of Paperless Pay

  • Reduces paper usage, paper costs, and paper trail errors
  • Increases employee convenience with 24/7 Self Service access in all states and select US territories
  • Diminishes keying errors in direct deposits and backlogs in transaction changes
  • Frees the HR department from the burden of tracking legislation changes

How Does Equifax TALX Work?

To access TALX Paperless Pay, you need to:

  • Go to the ePay website – https://paperlesspay.talx.com to access the Login page.
  • Enter your employer code and click the “Continue” button
  • The employer login page will appear on your screen. Enter the required information and your password.
  • You can now access your pay stub, verify your salary, review your salary details, and update your personal information.

How to access the TALX employee portal on your phone:

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  • Dial (+1) 866-604-3729.
  • Key in your Social Security Number
  • Key in the PIN provided by your employer
  • Change your PIN (6 to 8 digits and should contain numbers only)
  • After your new PIN is verified, dial or key in:
  • 1, to review or request for a copy of your pay stub
  • 4, to check the status of your request for a copy
  • 5, to change your PIN
  • #, to repeat the menu
  • 0, to speak to a customer service officer

How To Log-In If You’re A New Employee

If you will log in for the first time:

  • Enter your User ID – Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Enter the temporary PIN – last 4 digits of your SSN + full birth year
  • Enroll in the Enhanced Security or Risk-Based Authentication to start using the automated service.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to TALX Paperless Pay

The electronic paperless system will enable your company to:

  • Reduce cost because there is no need to print the pay stubs, tax forms, and direct deposits statements
  • Provide employees accurate Pay Stub data, personal information, and W-4 forms
  • Secure your company payroll data
  • Provide real-time access to payroll data, W-4s, and direct deposit tools
  • Eliminate most of the paper-heavy workload of your payroll team so they can manage their time and other tasks better

A Brief History of TALX

TALX was established in 1972 under the name Interface Technology Inc. In 2012, the company changed its name to Equifax Workforce Solutions, which better reflects its commitment to creating innovative HR solutions.

The company database, called The Work Number®, currently stores more than 100,000,000 active records of income and employment data from over 7,000 employers. Equifax is the largest source of employment data in the United States.

What Can Equifax Business Solutions Do For You?

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Equifax has created various business solutions to help small to large size companies streamline their operating procedures and manage their workforce efficiently. The following solutions can be tailor-fitted to the size of your business:

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Candidate Verification Summary. You can quickly get a comparison of a candidate-stated application to employment data from the “The Work Number” database

Compliance Center

This platform allows new hires to complete and submit paperwork online from anywhere.

I-9 Anywhere

This business solution allows you to complete the process of getting new hires onboard remotely.

I-9 Management

This system will help you manage all the I-9 stages (completion, storage, and maintenance)

iW-4 Management

Deliver accurate W4s to your employees by streamlining the process

Pre-Employment Verification

Verify the applicant’s employment data through the WorkForce database to ensure quality hires

State Onboarding Compliance Solution

Helps you track legislations so you could provide correct forms to new hires

Talent Report Employment

Get instant access to a comprehensive report on the applicant’s employment and income records

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management

Make the most of your company’s potential tax credits

Active Employment Disaster Relief Tax Credit Management

Know everything you need to get your potential disaster relief tax credits before tax season

Employment Verifications

The Work Number® database can automatically deliver income and employment verifications at any time.

I-9 Audit and Remediation

Get automated I-9 audit to ensure accurate corrections to avoid incurring penalties

I-9 Conversion

Converting your paper Form I-9s to Electronic form will secure and organize your documents better

Tax Form Management

Free your team from the burden of collating and distributing year-end tax forms by going paperless with Equifax

Post-Employment and More

Employment Tax Services. Comprehensive business solutions to help you manage unemployment tax liabilities and save money.
Unemployment Wage Audit Solution. A digital solution to help you conduct and complete wage audit requirements on time.

Equifax Headquarters Address

11432 Lackland Road Saint Louis, MO 63146

Time is money. To remain profitable, you have to be more productive with the hours you have at work.

TALX Paperless Pay makes it easier and more convenient to process your company’s payroll. Likewise, your employees will be happier that it’s easier to manage and keep track of their salaries.

TALX Paperless Pay is just one of the many business solutions offered by Equifax Business Solutions. Streamline your work processes, save more money, and increase your productivity by adopting technology-based solutions.